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Many families face challenges with a will, estate or trust when a loved one dies. Despite the best of intentions, conflicts often arise. Family members may have competing interests or visions of how to preserve the assets and the intentions of their loved one.

Avoiding family disputes begins with the creation of a will, trust or estate plan. Many problems can be prevented if these legal documents are clear and set forth your wishes in an easy to understand fashion from the start/in advance. We can help with this drafting and signing process. However, sometimes this was done years ago, in less than perfect ways.

At Ward Damon, our goal is to resolve these probate issues in the most effective way to protect our clients’ assets and family relationships. We start by helping you understand what your rights are under Florida law, based on the estate documents.

If the estate planning documents of your family members are written already, and now need to be administered, we can help you interpret the intent of the documents and counsel you on what your options are and what the next steps should be.

Our firm has been practicing probate law for decades throughout South Florida. We have extensive experience handling both complex and more straightforward estate plans. Before we can advise you on how to move forward with the probate litigation process, we take the time necessary to clarify your goals and balance the risks and rewards in pursuing them.

The ability to potentially resolve conflicts in a non-confrontational manner is critical and is often in the best interest of protecting your assets and rights. Ward Damon is a respected law firm with decades of experience with the courts and local probate litigators. We can frequently resolve conflicts without going to court, which can be expensive and take years to resolve. However, if a more hard nosed approach is required, we have been successful in such high conflict settings as well.

Your best protection in an estate dispute is to get quality legal counsel involved early in the process - to establish what your rights are before the sides get entrenched in their positions and considerable money has been spent.

Let our experienced probate attorneys safeguard your rights and assets. To discuss your probate litigation matter with one of our legal professionals, please call Ward Damon's Florida Law Offices at (561) 842-3000.

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